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Usually, the last date of application is around the beginning of August,this period can be postponed till the beginning of September depending of the applicant number received.

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Transfer students or Credit transfer to medical University of Romania

Documents for the equivalence of medical studies in Romania, Transfer of medical studies in Romania, Conditions for the equivalence of medical studies in Romania

Medical students who have started medical university in another country and want to continue his studies in Romanian medical university, without losing there ECTS credits;

Student who has started university studies related to medical university studies 
( Biology,chemistry, biophysics and ... ) or has finished such studies and they want to start medical university studies in Romania: those ECTS credits  that they has gained in the previous studies and which are common to medical studies can be evaluated.

Medical students in Romania transferring from one university to other university,
(deadline of application is different and depend on University: Jun to beginning of October! ) To pass from one year to the next, the student must have at least 45 out of 60 credits ( total credits for one academic year ) and the missing credits must be taken by the end of the New Year. 

Medical university transfer in Romania is only possible at the beginning of academic year.

For most of Medical Universities, the transfer students must apply to the first year like all other students, however after acceptance candidates will have their transcripts assessed by a committee made up of university officials.

The committee will then decide which year the candidate will be allowed to enter. As course structure varies from university to university, the candidate may have to take some subjects from earlier years concurrently with their present year to be up to date with all parts of the curriculum. 

The student must pay to seat for each exam from previous year ( 320 to 500 Euro/exam --  80 Euro per one credit ).

It must be noted that the committee to decide which year the candidate qualifies for meets only in October after the presentation of original documents or earlier even before September, depending on University regulations.

Special required documents from transfer students - Study in Romania :

Complete transcripts of records with the original stamp and signature of the issuing university,
The curriculum of the faculty with the original stamp and signature of the issuing university,
The syllabus of all the subjects taken with the original stamp and signature of the issuing university,
The grading system of the university and its equivalent in the Romanian education system,
Application evaluation fee ( non refundable if applicable: for some universities ) to be paid into university bank account by bank transfer,
Formal request of transfer ( if applicable: for some medical universities! ),

Documents issued in languages other than English or French have to be translated into English/French/Romanian (certified translation) and have to be endorsed by the university issuing them.

Transfer of Medical Studies in Romania - Study in Romania 

Credit transfer or transfer from one University to another University.

The deadline for application transfer to medical school in Romania varies between universities. There are those whose records transfer must be filed until the month of July, the other, until September. 

Students who are registered by the transfer but, because of differences between the analytical programs have exams to support certain disciplines, have an obligation to support and pass the respective examinations during the first year from the time of registration in the Faculty, so that at the end thereof they have more than 15 credits remaining.

If they do not fulfill these conditions they will be enrolled in an additional year. The Office of the Faculty Board that receives transferred on the basis of educational programs ( curricula, analytical programs ) and students of the school situation, states: The recognition and equivalence of examinations already supported on the basis of reciprocity, Examinations difference The new exams to obtain additional funding required, The academic year or transfer student can be registered, The period of defense examinations difference. 

​Does not pass the tests difference in the established period renders the presentation of students' activities during the period that follows, these being reported repeaters impossible.

The Equivalence of Medical Studies in Romania - Study in Romania 

The equivalence of studies in other institutions of medical education by students who apply for registration in one academic year different from the first grade, also known to the transferring school. The provisions of this Regulation will apply as foreign students seeking registration as Romanian students seeking transfer or equivalent and have done some studies in another institution of medical profile in Romania.   

Conditions for the Equivalence of Medical Studies in Romania    

 The content of the subjects studied ( evidenced by the analytical program ) and the duration of the subjects studied ( certified by the Education Plan ) correspond with the equivalent teaching plan of the University of Medicine hosting the student proportion of at least 75%. 

By comparing the amount of transferable credits the student wishing to transfer credits to the credit of the analytical program of the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University in Romania, not to exceed 15 credits / year of study ( in the exception of Physical Education and Romanian language ).

​A recall an academic year is 60 ECTS credits. 

Students who have finished their studies at accredited universities of the NO-EU can apply the equivalence also disciplines relating to the year in which they are registered, provided that the difference between the remaining credits and credits recognized exceeds not the number of 15/60 credits (grade). .

Documents for the Equivalence of Medical Studies in Romania - Study in Romania

The proof of education with test results supported the teaching plan, analytical program for each subject for which equivalence is requested, the official explanatory note on the scoring system used in the teaching unit where he studied, as the correspondence of this system with that of ECTS The European System of Transfer and Accumulation Credits is a points system to study disciplines, developed by the European Union, which facilitate the reading goal and comparison of curricula in different European countries . 

It thus offers a better readability of European national curricula, the same time facilitating the mobility of a country to another and from one institution to another. So this system is primarily used to facilitate the establishment of partnerships between institutions in different countries by providing a common principle description of educational programs. 

​The hours / credit report for a discipline of study reflects the importance of this discipline, the difficulty of learning and that the students are asked to. 

This point system is, above all, a system of measuring quantitative and not qualitative. 

Credits reflect the quantity of work each course unit requires in relation to the total quantity of work necessary to complete a full year of study in the institution: lectures, practical work, seminars, internships, research, private study and exams ( or other forms of assessment ). 

In Romania, as in many European countries, grade is represented by 60 credits ( 30 credits per semester ).

​All six years of study in medical Universities in Romania therefore represents 360 credits. 

Application and Admission for Romanian Student long stay visa

Requirements for Romanian Student visa Once you get your letter 

of acceptance from the Ministry of education, you have to apply for 

Romanian student visa to your closest ROMANIAN DIPLOMATIC

MISSIONS ABROAD (embassy or consulate) .

Students  arriving from the EU countries, the European Economic

Area, as well as from Canada, Croatia, Japan, Moldova, South Korea, 

Switzerland, USA and Serbia do not need visa to inter in Romania.

All other international students are required to apply for a 

Romanian student visa prior to arrival .

Student visa may take from two days to 2 months to process and 

one can only apply for a student visa once the Ministry of Education 

in Romania has issued the letter of acceptance to study. It's best to

apply early for the letter of acceptance .

Students having entered the territory of Romania with a long-stay 

visa may apply for the extension of the right of temporary residence and obtain a residence permit. 

The request filed in this respect must be addressed to the Romanian Office for Immigration within the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior.

The requirements documents for Romanian Student long stay visa

1. Letter of acceptance from Romanian Ministry of education.

2. Proof of tuition fees payment for one year ( payment must be done after getting the acceptance letter, transferring the fee to the bank account of University).

3. Proof of sufficient means of support for entire period specified in the visa ( approximately 2500 Euros ).

4. Criminal record certificate or another document of the same legal value.

5. Medical insurance for the entire period of the visa validity.

Visa applications can only be submitted to the diplomatic missions and consular posts of Romania abroad ( Romanian ROMANIAN DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS ABROAD ).

The requirements documents to get through the passport control at the arrival in Romania

1.  The passport with a valid visa

2.  The copy of the official admission letter

3.  At list 2500 USA dollars ( approximately 1800 Euro ) with you hand or other way of showing that you have sufficient fund for subsistence. 

The requirements documents for Romanian students temporary student residence 

Once you arrive in Romania, and you  have made the final inscription at university, you have to apply for the temporary residence. It is valid for 1 year and must be renewed every year. 

However, for students on scholarship from their respective countries or from the Romanian Government, the residence permit is usually issued for the total duration of their studies. 

To apply for temporary student resident the following documents are required

1. Standard application form ( from the immigration office )

2. Proof of tuition fee payment issued by your University in Romania ( so called ‘adeverinta’ )

3. Copy of letter of acceptance for studies issued by the Ministry of Education

4. Medical certificate issued by a public or private medical institution in Romania, proofing that the foreign student does not suffer from  diseases that endanger the public health

5. The proof of Medical Insurance for those who are above 26 years old

6. House Contract ( house contract is made between you and your landlord at a public notary )

7. Passport bio data page and the page showing the date of entry at the Romanian border.

8. Bank statement that prove your means of living for at list 1 year ( minimum of 2500 USD or its equivalent )

9. 2 recent passport photographs

10. A file with rail

11. Receipt ( attached to your file ) of taxes paid at Romanian CEC Bank:            

                                           a. Tax for temporary student residence = 370 lei ( RON )          

                                           b. Registration of the application = 120 lei ( Ron )

                                           c. Tax to extend the right to stay = 530 EURO ( equivalent in RON ) ​​

Application and Admission to University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iasi

International students are admitted to the Medical University  in conformity with the Education and Ordinance on the State Requirements in Republic of Romania for Admission of Romanian and Foreign Students.

Students from countries members of the EU and not EU can apply and study at Medical University of Iasi following the same procedures and under the same conditions applicable for Romanian citizens. 

​Applicants interested in the Programs in English or French and do not have international recognized certificate or the language of study is not their first language or they have not done previous studies in the same language are required to seat for English or French Academic Medical Studies examination at 
Medical University of Iasi.