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Study Medicine in Romania - Studying in Romania

The Faculty of General medicine, the Faculty of Dental Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy in Romania

To study at universities abroad is one of the main goals of many students, This process is relatively time-consuming to finally reach, But the experiences of others who have traveled this way will waste less time and soon you will arrive at the desired result. 
For those students wishing to study medicine in Romania in 2016-2017 academic year, they can register in our company to take advantage of our services for register in new academic year.

about us 

We are student agency company in Romania in the city of Iasi, expanded since its inception to develop its relations with all scattered in all countries of the world offices to become a headline to study in Romania. study company in Romania offering all the services and special facilities for the convenience of students.

Note that the study company in Romania has contracts directly with all universities in Romania.


Administration is working to build trust document dealing with transparency and sincerity with all individuals through the provision of appropriate offers a way that meets the requirements and expectations of students.

To be one of the pioneers in the world of school services and enjoy our treatment-style outstanding where students meet and strive to achieve our goal commitment to the application requirements and continuous improvement to serve students.
We offer all students help in the registry Romanian universities and accompany the student from the moment of access to housing, university and meet all requirements and instruct them, such as places to buy food and purposes House and normal life and conduct its affairs in Romania independently​.

Our Services

Assistance in obtaining temporary residence and student card for those student need visa.
Assistance in finding housing in the city of student wishing.
Assistance in obtaining a visa to study necessary to study in Romania.
Information on all academic offerings in Romania. 
Welcome to the arrival of the future student in Romania. 
​Presentation of the city and the local environment.
Graduation aid to the letter of acceptance issued by the Ministry of National Education Romania essential to undertake studies in Romania.

To those who would like to take advantage of our services : ​

Our missions

Our primary mission is to provide all the necessary information to assist student in choosing the most appropriate way to follow the scientific fastest time and cost of living actual steps needed.

To apply for medical university in Romania, we advise those who would like to take advantage of our services, first to send us by email the list of the documents they have. If approved, we will ask you to immediately courier your documents by post DHL or other appropriate mean.

Once we receive the copy of Medical university application file, we will verify it once again. If applicable, the acceptable applicants will be required to pay a non refundable application processing fee to account of chosen university (varies from 100 to 250 Euros from and depends on universities).

As soon as the student have paid the file processing fee, we will send to student the scanned copy by email and we will do the rest. After we receive the student Medical university application file, to get the student acceptance letter from the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport can take between 1 to 2 months if it is possible some time to get it within weeks.

As soon as we get the student letter of acceptance to medical study in Romania we will send it by post to student, please apply as soon as possible and if you need assistance with visa application travel on your arrival in Romania, accommodation and orientation to university and in the society, we can guide Just let us know at least one week in advance. 

Would you like to maximize your chance of getting into medical university in Romania in 2016-2017 academic year? Then let us help you to prepare your application file, to review it 2 times before submitting it and if any information or document is missing, we will let you know. 

Remember : 
Non entrance exam, you are admitted based on your application file and the competition is becoming more and higher every passing year.

We take care of every thing 

1 - help student and guide them to Romanian medical university,
2 - connected the student to the housing and the university,
3 - Follow-up to his school,
4 - to get the school admissions in the Romanian universities,
5 - transfer of funds,
​6 - keep looking and help all students in their travel out of the country until their arrival in Romania and the receipt of their homes and start their studies, and instruct them in both large and small, such as places to buy food, books and all the necessary for house and living.

Translation of documents and certificates

We fast-certification for all legal documents translation service to the Romanian language, and prices featured in collaboration with translators jury and bound by the Romanian government in addition to securing a personal interpreter customized to help secure the end and applications and communicate with various Romanian institutions, universities, hospitals, exhibitions and tourist areas.

Securing adequate housing  

​Are here to secure adequate housing for those coming to Romania is different this accommodation as if with family or without where to live with a family requires material cost varies with him as if housing independent, ranging room rates in Romania between 250 and 450 euros per month, according to a city that wishes person housing them, but we are always working to find the cheapest price in the best place and near the site to study or work and we can also secure a furnished or unfurnished apartments for daily rental and long at excellent prices.

Invitations to attend exhibitions and conference  

We are here to secure the various invitations to attend the specialized exhibitions in Romania, which is the most famous galleries in the world and is also appropriate to secure invitations to the scientific, economic and cultural conferences.

Provide a comprehensive medical insurance service  

Our role here is to work on getting health insurance suitable and affordable distinctive for all who wish to come to Romania was a student or otherwise, because health insurance is divided here into two institutions two main government institution represented by several state-owned companies and the second is an enterprise private and represented by private companies as each person in Romania, must obtain health insurance as long as present on the Romanian territory and insurance rates differ among themselves, and the most expensive is a government insurance often depends also on the nature of the insurance rate personal uses.


With Romanian medical diploma , you can work all over Europe and beyound . No problem of equivalance or recognition . 
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Study Medicine in Romania

Application deadline 

Usually, the last date of application is around the begining of august , this period can be postponed till the beginning of September depending of the applicant number received .